Thursday, March 27, 2014


We have finally uploaded this on YouTube. This short documentary was made by Kat Valvasori of SleepyKat Production. In 2010, When she heard about my cancer journey and PAY IT FORWARD charity, she asked if I could share my story. I would like to note that this documentary is not about promoting the sale of my DVDs for charity and/or me as a person.  The real drive here is to urge people to Give, Donate and/or Help empower someone else's life other than themselves.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pilates Background

Pilates Training
Michael King (UK)  
Matwork Pilates Level 1, 2, Reformer

Kimberley Garlick (NSW)                        
Matwork Pilates Level 1
Matwork Pilates Level 2 & Power Pilates

Matt Furey (USA)                                    
Body Power Conditioning
Power Pilates with Props ie Balls & Bands

My pilates program incorporates using Chilates, Yogilates and Gi-Gong giving it a total body conditioning workout.

Fitness Achievements:                        
Statewide Gold Medalist
(Kelloggs Sustain Aerobics Championship) November 1993

Master Trainer for Fitness WA - Instructors Workshop on Hi/Lo Module (August 2000)


Each DVD sells for AUD30 (postage not included).   Your donation amount will be AUD20 (as AUD10 gets deducted for materials, ink etc).  You can choose where you would like your charity to go.  Upon receipt of your monies, I will forward on the donation made under your name to the nominated charity.  You will get your tax deductible receipt directly from the organisation once it has been processed to show that you have helped someone less fortunate.

When we give, we should not think about getting something back in return, but when it does, it comes back in many wonderous mysterious ways of joy in our hearts.


We have a degenerative aging society where many bodies are in poor physical condition.  There are many exercise classes and regimes that cannot cater for these people.  Pilates can.

Pilates is about overall physical conditioning, it will stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles.   You will notice improved posture, a decrease in injuries, and a change in body shape.  Pilates unites the mind and body whilst developing a more balanced workout with great results.

Pilates can and will challenge the most unfit to the very fit without causing harm.  Pilates works the body from the inside out, most other forms of exercise work the body from mainly the exterior interest only.  Your participants will find their internal organs working more efficiently.

Based on the 8 principles of Pilates, you will better understand the embrace this wonderful program to help build inner core strength and improve muscle tone whilst help reduce lower back problems, improving hip stability resulting in overall well-being through increased range of movement with pilates corrective regimes and realignment work.

About the pilates DVDs

Beginners - Duration 1 hour. A gentle and properly explained in depth core engagement. Good for people who are starting out or getting back into exercises. Help people with bad backs, spinal defects, shoulder & neck ailments to retrain their weak muscles.

Pregnancy - Duration 1 hour.  A gentle exercise performed with help of a fitball.  The exercises will help ease the load on the back and maintain well-being and fitness through pregnancy. Finishes with a 10 min meditation.

Ball & Band - Duration 1 hour. Recorded in a class environment.  Incorporates Balancing movements, Standing Strength and Total Body Conditioning works with a short session on  therabands and fitball.

Band - Duration 1 hour. Incorporates Balancing movements, Standing Strengths and short session on therabands to help muscle tone and increase bone density.

30 min Power. No props.  Recommended for people who has a pretty good understanding of how to "brace" upon execution of movements.  It incorporates some dynamic and body tension challenges.  Great get up and go workout.

40 min Power. No props. Recommended for people who has a pretty good understanding of how to "brace" upon execution of movements.  It incorporates some dynamic and body tension challenges. Gives the option of a slightly longer workout.